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guoying stacy zhang

It is good to be alive!

My earliest childhood memory is standing in a crowded plaza, thinking “why am I here”, “who am I”, and “who are all these people walking by”?

Growing up, I was always encouraged to engage with all kinds of arts, think for myself, explore the world, learn from mistakes, and be in touch with nature and my own being. I came to realise that I value authenticity, genuineness, and quality. I also felt the mission to create something beautiful for the world, but did not quite know how.

Beginning of a Life Vocation

My career with Buddhism began academically. After completing undergraduate studies in Shanghai and California, I knew I wanted to advocate cross-cultural understanding through art. I went on to study History of Art in London.

During my studies, I found that what really motivated me was not to analyse individuals, but to explore the arts that embody collective consciousness, the mysterious and yet refined, and fathom the spiritual aspect of human existence. The papers I wrote all ended up related to Buddhism and Daoism. Following the advice of a Buddhist monk, I pursued a second Master’s Degree, this time in Buddhist Art.

Through Buddhist art, I encountered Buddhist wisdom, and began to find answers to my big questions. In addition to my studies and professional training, I have been very fortunate to travel extensively, visit great art collections, handle the finest artefacts, and learn authentic teachings from the masters. Places and people that are usually inaccessible open doors for me.

One thing leads to another…

For me, Buddhism is not just intellectual, it is also emotional, experiential, and transcendental. It is light that has guided and protected me through the darkness and chaos. While humans are tirelessly searching and “moving forward”, I came to believe that ancient wisdom and art provide timeless inspiration for us to live better.

With deepest gratitude, I dedicate my work to decoding Buddhist art and wisdom for the contemporary world.

While I feel deeply connected with ancient cultures across borders, I am also fascinated by human expressions in our time. I see my vocation as connecting different worlds, the secular and the spiritual, the ancient and contemporary, the east and the west… 

14 cloud imbued with light at Mount Wutai.JPG

Be A Light in the World

Every second is an opportunity for spiritual growth

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