Guoying Stacy Zhang is an art historian specialising in Buddhist art and Chinese art. She is dedicated to advocating cross-cultural understanding and inspiring the contemporary world with ancient cultural heritage. 

Guoying Stacy Zhang obtained MA (Distinction) in Art History at the School of Oriental and African Studies and MA (Distinction) in Buddhist Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art as a Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation scholar. Prior to that, she was educated at Fudan University and UC Berkeley. Since 2010, Ms Zhang has worked with leading museums, auction houses, art galleries, cultural and religious organisations, including Christie’s, Palace Museum in Beijing, Shanghai Museum, Sotheby’s, Wutai International Institute of Buddhism and East Asian Cultures, Tsz Shan Monastery in Hong Kong, and Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art in Beijing.

Ms Zhang's work involves writing, curating, and managing arts and culture projects. She has accomplished many exciting projects in her career, such as promoting private museums and collections, curating an exhibition on Buddhist art at the sacred pilgrimage site of Mount Wutai, and bringing traditional Chinese dance to the Qatar National Day celebrations.  


Her approach in work combines theory, object, experience, and emotion. Her articles were published through Arts of Asia, Forum (University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture and the Arts), and presented at Princeton University. Moreover, in her column at Buddhistdoor, Ms Zhang travels extensively and interviews religious masters, scholars, artists, and private collectors, revealing authentic Buddhist teachings and rare art objects to the general public.


In addition to her own research and curatorial work, Ms Zhang has helped organise conferences, support exhibitions, and translate papers of leading scholars in the field. She also interpreted at the World Buddhist Forum, the International Symposium on Gupta Sculptures and their Chinese Counterparts (400 to 700 CE) organised by the Palace Museum, and the International Conference on Buddhist Archaeology in China and South Asia co-organised by Chinese Academy of Social Science and Peking University. 


In the years to come, Ms Zhang will continue to promote Buddhist art and wisdom, Chinese art and culture, and cultural exchange, in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations. 






在研究與策展工作之外,協助組織學術會議、支持藝術展覽、為學界專家學者翻譯論文,且在第五届世界佛教論壇,故宮博物院組織的“梵天東土 並蒂蓮華:公元400-700年中印雕塑藝術國際學術研討會”,北京大學中國社會科學院聯合舉辦的“中國與南亞佛教考古國際學術研討會”擔任同聲翻譯。