• Guoying Stacy Zhang

Contextualising Buddhist Sculptures: Lecture For HKU Buddhist Architecture Course

What we describe as “Buddhist art” that are on display in museums were never made for museums. In fact, they were not even made merely as works of art. To comprehend the religious function and significance of Buddhist art, one must situate them in their original architectural and liturgical contexts. By exploring the relationships between four sculptures from the Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum, and their respective built environments, this talk is intended to elucidate the materiality and spirituality of the four Buddhist sculptures in question, and furthermore, to enable the audience to develop a critical understanding of Buddhist sculptures in general.

This talk was prepared for the students who took "Buddhist Architecture: Monasteries in Cross-Cultural Developments" course at the University of Hong Kong in November 2020. It was really interesting to interact with audience onsite and online with Mentimeter. The word clouds below, generated by the audience, demonstrate their impression of Buddhist statues before and after the talk.