[Podcast] Chinese Enameled Porcelain and Recipes for Happiness: Interview with Hui Tang

Hui TANG received her Ph.D from University of Warwick in 2017. Her thesis discussed Chinese enameled porcelain, its production, technological innovation as well its consumption in domestic and export markets during the eighteenth century. She now works as a curator at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

In this episode, Hui talked about how the material of enamel was imported from Europe to China, how the Chinese invented applying enamel on porcelain, and how Chinese enameled porcelain was exported to Europe as luxury items, and how these porcelains competed with Chinese blue-and-white as well as those made in Meissen in Germany and Sèvres in France.

We also talked about the great ecosystem for studying ceramics in Europe, particularly in London. She encouraged people who are interested in ceramics to take advantage of the resources in London: museum collections, such as Percival David Collection at the British Museum, auction previews, the Oriental Ceramic Society, and private collections.

In the end, we moved our conversation to doing a PhD itself. In China, female PhDs are considered as the third gender. Hui shared her experience and views on being happy. I think her advice not only applies for doing a PhD, but also for living a fulfilling life in general.


Hui's wechat blog account: 我是素心人

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