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  • Guoying Stacy Zhang

Spiritual Encounters: In Memory of Cui Xiuwen

On 2 August last year, I was completely shocked to hear the news of the death of Cui Xiuwen. Just a few months earlier, we had enjoyed a great talk at her place in Beijing. She looked fine and like many people around her, I was convinced that she was recovering from her recent operation. So was Cui Xiuwen herself. She was already planning a new project and discussing collaboration with me.

As an artist, Cui Xiuwen had all the glamour. She was the first Chinese artist to be exhibited at Tate Britain. As one of four female artists who formed the Siren Art Studio in 1998, Cui Xiuwen will always be remembered in the world of contemporary Chinese art and the feminist movement. Throughout her career, she received many international awards as an artist and as an accomplished woman. Because of this, she was one of the most sought-after spokespersons for luxury brands from around the world.

Cui Xiuwen, 2016. From

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