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  • Guoying Stacy Zhang

Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art: Strengthening the International Community of Himalayan Art

The Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art in Beijing houses one of the most important collections of Himalayan art in the world, encompassing thangka textiles and paintings, as well as sculptures from Gandhara, northern India, Pakistan’s Swat District, Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet, and Han regions of China. Dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and research of Himalayan art, the museum strives to strengthen the community of museums, private collections, and educational institutions, both in China and internationally.

With this lofty mission, the Zhiguan Museum embarked on its first major exhibition “The Light of Buddha” in October 2018, in collaboration with the Palace Museum in Beijing. The first comprehensive exhibition on Himalayan art in China, it assembled 112 exquisite sculptures from the former imperial collection at the Palace Museum, the Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art, and other private collections in China. Dating from between the fourth and 15th centuries, these sculptures illuminate the development of Tibetan art in the larger context of Himalayan art.

Xianliangtang (Hall of the Able and Virtuous), Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art.
Image courtesy of the Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art

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