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Buddhism, both Chinese and Tibetan schools, is still very much alive in China today. This monthly column at Buddhistdoor Global not only examines wonderful artefacts and profound texts in history, but also interviews the most influential people in contemporary China, including Buddhist masters, museum curators, academics, art collectors, and celebrities.  

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Scholars from the East and the West are invited to talk about their expertise and life experiences. After all, it is not just about the visual or the cerebral; it is more about we humans searching for connections with each other and with the cosmos.  

EXHIBITION: Shanxi Buddhist Art and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Working with Buddhist sangha and lay community in Shanxi, Guoying Stacy Zhang co-curated the exhibition at the Great Sage Monastery of Bamboo Grove on Mount Wutai in July 2016, which presented the dynamic interactions between Buddhism and local cultures as well as the long and influential history of Buddhism in the region. 

and Exhibitions on Buddhist Art 

Guoying Stacy Zhang has been involved in several conferences and exhibitions as an organiser, translator, or interpreter, including annual International Conference on the Wutai Cult; The Light of the Buddha (2018) & Gupta Sculptures and their Chinese Counterparts (400 to 700 CE) (2016) at the Palace Museum in Beijing; The Fifth World Buddhist Forum, International Conference on Buddhist Archaeology in China and South Asia co-organised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Peking University.  

PERFORMANCE: Classical Chinese Dance at Qatar National Day

After six-month's trans-cultural communication with organisations in three continents, Stacy Guoying Zhang brought Classical Chinese fan dance of the best quality from Shanghai to Doha for the 2018 Qatar National Day celebration. The final performance, with its fantastic costumes and music, was a unique fusion of Chinese and Qatari cultural elements.